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Tooling Plate Machined 5083 Cast

 SIZES KG/MetreAvailability
8mm  21.680In Stock
10mm  27.100In Stock
12mm  32.520In Stock
1/2"(12.70mm) 33.600In Stock
15mm  40.650In Stock
5/8"(15.88mm) 43.074In Stock
16mm  43.360In Stock
3/4"(19.05mm) 51.625In Stock
20mm  54.200In Stock
25mm  67.750In Stock
1"(25.40mm) 68.840In Stock
30mm  81.300In Stock
1.1/4"(31.75mm) 86.043In Stock
1.1/2"(38.10mm) 103.260In Stock
40mm  108.400In Stock
45mm  121.950In Stock
50mm  135.500In Stock
60mm  156.600In Stock
70mm  189.700In Stock
75mm  203.250In Stock
80mm  214.400In Stock
90mm  243.900In Stock
106mm  287.260In Stock

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