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6082 Aluminium Square Bar Alloy 6082T6 – T6511 Suppliers UK

6082 Aluminium Square Bar processed and supplied to your specific requirements.

6082 Aluminium Square Bar Alloy 6082T6 – T6511 Suppliers UK

6082 Aluminium Square Bar processed and supplied to your specific requirements.

6082 Aluminium Square Bar Alloy

Metalex are one of the leading 6082 Aluminium Square Bar Alloy 6082T6 – T6511 Suppliers UK suppliers, carrying an extensive stock of 6082 Aluminium Square Bar Alloy 6082T6 – T6511 Suppliers UK and providing professional 6082 Aluminium Square Bar Alloy 6082T6 – T6511 Suppliers UK processing services..

6082 Aluminium Square Bar Alloy 6082T6 – T6511 Suppliers UK is stocked, processed and supplied in dimensions from 3/16″ SQ up to 8″ SQ.

Metalex’s 6082 Aluminium Square Bar Alloy

The Metalex 6082 Aluminium Square Bar Alloy 6082T6 – T6511 Suppliers UK range comprises aerospace QQ-A-Grades, AMS-Grades with a choice of imperial or metric thicknesses. Metalex also supply 6082 Aluminium Square Bar Alloy 6082T6 – T6511 Suppliers UK to order and stock and supply 6082 Aluminium Square Bar Alloy 6082T6 – T6511 Suppliers UK to your specific requirements

6082 Aluminium Square Bar Alloy availability and delivery

With Metalex’s on site capability to process 6082 Aluminium Square Bar Alloy 6082T6 – T6511 Suppliers UK at any of our four sites across the South and West England, Metalex supply Aluminium Plate cut to size and delivered on short lead times to meet your specific requirements.

For more information on the dimensions and grades of 6082 Aluminium Square Bar Alloy 6082T6 – T6511 Suppliers UK currently stocked please check the table below. Please use the search and direction functions if the dimensions you require are not immediately apparent.

6082 Aluminium Square Bar

About 6082 Aluminium Square Bar Alloy

 Aluminium Alloy 6082 is a medium strength alloy with excellent corrosion resistance and the highest strength of the 6000 series. Resulting in Alloy 6082 being known as a structural alloy. In plate form, 6082 is the alloy most commonly used for machining. A relatively new alloy, the higher strength of 6082 has seen it replace 6061 in many applications. The addition of large amounts of manganese controls the grain structure which forms a stronger alloy. In the T6 and T651 temper, Alloy 6082 machines well and produces tight coils of swarf when chip breakers are used.

You can learn more about Aluminium 6082 here.

Contact Metalex about your 6082 Aluminium Square Bar Alloy requirement.

Please complete the enquiry form located on this page, call +44 (0) 330 223 2653 or email us to discover how Metalex could be supplying you with premium metal products and professional metal processing services.

 SIZES KG/MetreAvailability
3/16"SQ(4.76mm)0.062In Stock
1/4"SQ(6.35mm)0.109In Stock
5/16"SQ(7.94mm)0.171In Stock
3/8"SQ(9.53mm)0.246In Stock
10mmSQ 0.271In Stock
1/2"SQ(12.7mm)0.437In Stock
15mmSQ 0.610In Stock
5/8"SQ(15.88mm)0.683In Stock
3/4"SQ(19.05mm)0.983In Stock
20mmSQ 1.084In Stock
7/8"SQ(22.23mm)1.338In Stock
1"SQ(25.4mm)1.748In Stock
30mmSQ 2.565In Stock
1.1/4"SQ(31.75mm)2.732In Stock
1.1/2"SQ(38.1mm)3.934In Stock
1.3/4"SQ(44.45mm)5.354In Stock
2"SQ(50.8mm)6.994In Stock
2.1/4"SQ(57.15mm)8.850In Stock
2.1/2"SQ(63.5mm)10.927In Stock
2.3/4"SQ(69.85mm)13.222In Stock
3"SQ(76.2mm)15.735In Stock
3.1/4"SQ(82.55mm)18.577In Stock
3.1/2"SQ(88.9mm)21.418In Stock
90mmSQ 21.960In Stock
100mmSQ 27.100In Stock
4"SQ(101.6mm)27.974In Stock
4.1/4"SQ(107.95mm)31.580In Stock
4.1/2"SQ(114.3mm)35.842In Stock
120mmSQ 39.024In Stock
5"SQ(127.0mm)43.710In Stock
5.1/2"SQ(139.7mm)53.326In Stock
6"SQ(152.4mm)62.942In Stock
6.1/2"SQ(165.1mm)73.880In Stock
7"SQ(177.8mm)85.671In Stock
200mmSQ 108.400In Stock
8"SQ(203.2mm)111.900In Stock


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