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Aluminium Square Bar Alloy 6082T6 – T6511 Suppliers UK

 SIZES KG/MetreAvailability
3/16"SQ(4.76mm)0.062In Stock
1/4"SQ(6.35mm)0.109In Stock
5/16"SQ(7.94mm)0.171In Stock
3/8"SQ(9.53mm)0.246In Stock
10mmSQ 0.271In Stock
1/2"SQ(12.7mm)0.437In Stock
15mmSQ 0.610In Stock
5/8"SQ(15.88mm)0.683In Stock
3/4"SQ(19.05mm)0.983In Stock
20mmSQ 1.084In Stock
7/8"SQ(22.23mm)1.338In Stock
1"SQ(25.4mm)1.748In Stock
30mmSQ 2.565In Stock
1.1/4"SQ(31.75mm)2.732In Stock
1.1/2"SQ(38.1mm)3.934In Stock
1.3/4"SQ(44.45mm)5.354In Stock
2"SQ(50.8mm)6.994In Stock
2.1/4"SQ(57.15mm)8.850In Stock
2.1/2"SQ(63.5mm)10.927In Stock
2.3/4"SQ(69.85mm)13.222In Stock
3"SQ(76.2mm)15.735In Stock
3.1/4"SQ(82.55mm)18.577In Stock
3.1/2"SQ(88.9mm)21.418In Stock
90mmSQ 21.960In Stock
100mmSQ 27.100In Stock
4"SQ(101.6mm)27.974In Stock
4.1/4"SQ(107.95mm)31.580In Stock
4.1/2"SQ(114.3mm)35.842In Stock
120mmSQ 39.024In Stock
5"SQ(127.0mm)43.710In Stock
5.1/2"SQ(139.7mm)53.326In Stock
6"SQ(152.4mm)62.942In Stock
6.1/2"SQ(165.1mm)73.880In Stock
7"SQ(177.8mm)85.671In Stock
200mmSQ 108.400In Stock
8"SQ(203.2mm)111.900In Stock

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