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Carbon Steel BS970 080A42 / 080M40 Suppliers UK

 SIZE KG/MetreAvailability
8mmDia 0.394In Stock
10mmDia 0.616In Stock
12mmDia 0.887In Stock
1/2"Dia(12.70mm)0.994In Stock
15mmDia 1.386In Stock
5/8"Dia(15.88mm)1.552In Stock
16mmDia 1.577In Stock
3/4"Dia(19.05mm)2.235In Stock
20mmDia 2.464In Stock
7/8"Dia(22.23mm)3.043In Stock
25mmDia 3.850In Stock
1"Dia(25.40mm)3.974In Stock
1.1/8"Dia(28.58mm)5.030In Stock
30mmDia 5.544In Stock
1.1/4"Dia(31.75mm)6.210In Stock
40mmDia 9.856In Stock
1.3/4"Dia(44.45mm)12.171In Stock
1.7/8"Dia(47.63mm)13.972In Stock
2"Dia(50.80mm)15.897In Stock
55mmDia 18.634In Stock
2.1/4"Dia(57.15mm)20.119In Stock
60mmDia 22.176In Stock
2.5/8"Dia(66.68mm)27.385In Stock
2.3/4"Dia(69.85mm)30.055In Stock
70mmDia 30.184In Stock
75mmDia 34.650In Stock
3"Dia(76.20mm)35.768In Stock
80mmDia 39.424In Stock
90mmDia 49.896In Stock
4"Dia(101.60mm)63.587In Stock
4.1/2"Dia(114.30mm)80.477In Stock
125mmDia 96.250In Stock

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