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Metal Products

Alloy Steel Suppliers

Metalex stocks a full range of Alloy Steel in its many shapes, forms and grades and also supplies Alloy Steel to order to meet your specific requirements.

Please click on the links below to check the availability of our Alloy Steel stock.

Alloy Steel is strong, tough and wear resistant and also has vastly improved hot hardness over regular carbon steel.

Alloy Steel is used across a range of highly demanding applications within the aerospace and power (nuclear) industries. Alloy Steel is also found in applications where its response to magnetism is important, in transformers and electric motors for example.

It is the addition of other elements that gives Alloy Steel its extra strength. The addition of elements such as silicon and manganese through heat treatment provide Alloy Steel with improved characteristics and additional benefits, such as increased corrosion resistance or improved weldability.

Please complete the enquiry form or call now on 001202 877142 for Poole, 01403 273213 for Horsham, 01934 411811 for Chepstow, 0121 326 6888 for Birmingham or email to discover how we could be supplying you with premium Alloy Steel and professional metal processing services.

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