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Aluminium Flat Bar Metric Alloy 6082T6 – T6511 Suppliers UK

SIZE  KG/MetreAvailability
3mmx1.5mm0.013In Stock
10mmx6mm0.163In Stock
15mmx10mm0.407In Stock
20mmx3mm0.163In Stock
20mmx4mm0.217In Stock
20mmx5mm0.271In Stock
20mmx8mm0.434In Stock
20mmx10mm0.542In Stock
20mmx12mm0.542In Stock
20mmx15mm0.651In Stock
25mmx3mm0.813In Stock
25mmx5mm0.204In Stock
25mmx6mm0.339In Stock
25mmx8mm0.406In Stock
25mmx10mm0.542In Stock
25mmx12mm0.813In Stock
25mmx20mm1.355In Stock
30mmx5mm0.407In Stock
30mmx6mm0.523In Stock
30mmx8mm0.650In Stock
30mmx10mm0.813In Stock
30mmx12mm0.976In Stock
30mmx15mm1.219In Stock
30mmx20mm1.626In Stock
40mmx5mm0.542In Stock
40mmx6mm0.651In Stock
40mmx8mm0.868In Stock
40mmx10mm1.084In Stock
40mmx12mm1.301In Stock
40mmx20mm2.168In Stock
40mmx30mm3.252In Stock
45mmx30mm3.659In Stock
45mmx40mm4.878In Stock
50mmx3mm0.407In Stock
50mmx5mm0.678In Stock
50mmx6mm0.813In Stock
50mmx8mm1.084In Stock
50mmx10mm1.355In Stock
50mmx12mm1.620In Stock
50mmx15mm2.032In Stock
50mmx20mm2.710In Stock
50mmx25mm3.388In Stock
50mmx30mm4.065In Stock
50mmx40mm5.420In Stock
50mmx45mm6.098In Stock
60mmx5mm0.813In Stock
60mmx8mm1.300In Stock
60mmx10mm1.620In Stock
60mmx12mm1.960In Stock
60mmx20mm3.252In Stock
60mmx25mm4.065In Stock
60mmx40mm6.514In Stock
70mmx45mm8.537In Stock
75mmx45mm9.147In Stock
80mmx12mm2.602In Stock
80mmx25mm5.420In Stock
100mmx8mm2.176In Stock
100mmx10mm2.710In Stock
100mmx15mm4.065In Stock
100mmx25mm6.775In Stock
100mmx80mm21.680In Stock
120mmx20mm6.804In Stock
120mmx25mm8.130In Stock
150mmx70mm28.460In Stock
156mmx54mm23.400In Stock

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