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2014 Aluminium Flat Bar Alloy 2014T6 / T6511

2014 Aluminium Flat Bar processed and supplied to your specific requirements.

2014 Aluminium Flat Bar Alloy 2014T6 / T6511

2014 Aluminium Flat Bar processed and supplied to your specific requirements.

2014 Aluminium Flat Bar Alloy

Metalex are one of the leading 2014 Aluminium Flat Bar Alloy 2014T6/T6511 UK based suppliers, carrying an extensive stock and providing professional Aluminium Flat Bar Alloy 2014T6/T6511 processing services.

2014 Aluminium Flat Bar Alloy 2014T6/T6511 is stocked, processed and supplied in sizes ranging 1.1/2″ x 1″ to 6″ x 5″.

Metalex’s 2014 Aluminium Flat Bar Alloy

The 2014 Aluminium Flat Bar Alloy 2014T6/T6511 range comprises aerospace QQ-A-Grades, AMS-Grades with a choice of imperial and metric sizes. Metalex supply 2014 Aluminium Flat Bar Alloy 2014T6/T6511 to order with processing to your specific requirements.

2014 Aluminium Flat Bar Alloy availability and delivery

With Metalex’s on site capability to process 2014 Aluminium Flat Bar Alloy 2014T6/T6511 at any of our four sites across the South and West of England, Metalex supply Aluminium Flat Bar cut to size and delivered on short lead times to meet your delivery requirements.

For more information on the dimensions and grades of 2014 Aluminium Flat Bar Alloy 2014T6/T6511 currently stocked please check the table below. Please use the search and direction functions if the dimensions you require are not immediately apparent.

2014 Aluminium Flat Bar
About 2014 Aluminium Flat Bar Alloy

Aluminum 2014 Alloy is one of the strongest commercially available Aluminium alloys, widely used in the aerospace industry. Aluminium Alloy 2014 has excellent machinability, limited formability and only fair corrosion resistance in the heat treated condition. Alloy 2014 is not recommended for fusion welding.

You can learn more about 2014 Aluminium in the Wikipedia post.

Contact Metalex about your 2014 Aluminium Flat Bar Alloy requirement.

Please complete the enquiry form located on this page, call +44 (0) 330 223 2653 or email us to discover how Metalex could be supplying you with premium metal products and professional metal processing services.

 SIZE KG/MetreAvailability
1.1/2"X1"2.701In Stock
50mmX40mm5.62In Stock
2"X1.1/4"4.515In Stock
2.1/2"X1"4.532In Stock
2.1/2"X1.1/4"5.788In Stock
2.1/2"X1.1/2"6.76In Stock
2.1/2"X2"9.03In Stock
3"X1.1/2"8.158In Stock
3"X2"10.85In Stock
3"X2.1/2"13.546In Stock
3.1/2"X2.1/2"15.863In Stock
4"X1.1/2"10.753In Stock
4"X1.3/4"12.546In Stock
4"X2"14.48In Stock
4"X3"21.61In Stock
5"X3"27.15In Stock
5"X4"36.1In Stock
6"X2"21.42In Stock
6"X3"32.258In Stock
6"X4"43.42In Stock
6"X5"53.772In Stock
175mmX90mm44.258In Stock


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